Web design in Valencia


At Recycle your Computer we take your website project in Valencia to the next level.

We not only take care of aesthetics, but we also help shape your brand image on the internet without neglecting accessibility and making sure that your project is visible from any device and platform.

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SEO positioning in Valencia


At Recycle your Computer we know that you are going to want to be at the top of the main search engines… and despite what they may tell you out there, it is not about tricks or magic formulas.

There is no more secret than constant work on content optimization and monitoring of what your potential customers are looking for from you and from your direct competition.

Data protection in Valencia


At Recycle your Computer we also understand that today in the current pandemic framework, in which the increase in data traffic has multiplied exponentially, we cannot neglect everything related to the security of your data and the data of your customers. .

That is why we take care of managing the payment gateways, data protection systems and all sensitive data to be attacked in the exchange process through security tools implemented within the framework of European legal regulations.

Proteccion y recuperacion de datos en torrent
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Repair and recycling of computers in Torrent


At Recycle your Computer we have been serving individuals and companies for more than 18 years with everything related to the maintenance, updates and repairs of your computer equipment.

On the other hand, we also collaborate in classroom projects for the elderly and disadvantaged people, providing recycled equipment that we obtain from donations in order to reduce the digital divide and contribute our grain of sand so that everyone has access to new technologies.

Remote technical assistance


At Recycle your Computer our priority is that our clients have a good service and especially in SMEs and businesses we know that the solutions must be given as quickly as possible.

So with this in mind, we offer you our remote assistance service to solve configuration problems that can be carried out remotely, thus avoiding costs and travel times.

With a simple call and the access number that the remote management software will give you, we will get to work.

Download the remote assistance software here