If you are already preparing for the next academic year, you may be considering the purchase of a computer that meets the requirements for your career, your expectations and that fits into your budget.

If you study a career that falls within the field of humanities, social sciences and health, it will be common for you to do work using the word processor, to prepare tables and graphs, to use spreadsheets to perform certain basic operations, that you look for information on the internet and that you access your email.

Don´t forget social networks and enjoy streaming multimedia content, because not everything is going to be studying.

They are not particularly demanding tasks at the hardware level, although we will need a machine that can execute them fluently and competently and that is good at multitasking, since it will be common for us to carry out several operations simultaneously.


Technical careers such as engineering or architecture

We climbed a rung in terms of needs. All the tasks exposed in the previous point are applicable to this one: presentations, graphs, tables, reports written in word processors, internet and mail… but in addition, we will have to deal with specific software that requires power.

We are talking about programs such as Matlab, AutoCad, Solid Edge, Catia… In this sense, to the needs exposed in the previous point of lightness and autonomy, we will add certain demands at the level of processor, type and amount of storage and RAM.

Likewise, we will pay attention to connectivity, since if we spend a lot of time programming or designing, an HDMI port will help us connect the laptop to an external monitor that allows us to continue working. It also does not hurt that it includes enough USB 3.0 ports to connect other peripherals.

Finally, we return to the screen. After many hours in front of it, we will appreciate comfortable dimensions to work and move the view, a resolution that is at least Full HD and a panel technology that offers a good viewing angle, as well as the possibility of working in scenarios of different luminosity. .


Design careers, video games, retouching and digital audio or video editing

We are in the most demanding races from a computer point of view. The autonomy and lightness are still desired so as not to carry heavy equipment or the charger. And yes, we are going to need hardware as powerful as in technical careers, which also has a dedicated graphics card to work on projects in motion graphics, 3D design, photographs or videos in software such as Photoshop, Premiere, Illustrator, After Effects.

These are tasks that at times can take components such as graphics, processor or RAM to the maximum, which causes energy consumption that will reduce autonomy. In this sense, in addition to good autonomy, it is interesting that they have a fast charging function.

In this type of race it is essential that the laptop has a quality screen in terms of resolution, sharpness, viewing angle and dimensions.